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Bill Stolpin’s Miscellaneous Prints

This page contains thumbnails of screenprints, etchings, monotypes and lithographs that Bill considers to be his Miscellaneous Art. These prints don’t fit into any specific category, but are representative of the eclectic nature of bills interests.  For instance “Step On It” was generated as an incentive print for an annual AIDS walk in Flint and the edition was donated to the organizers of the walk.  Monorail was generated 

Included in these prints is a series of PORTRAITS of the artists collectively known as DAS Print Co. including Bill’s Self Portrait.

Clicking on the any of the print thumbnails will start the lightbox slide show giving you a more detailed look at each print. For purchase information and print specifics click on the print title... enjoy the show.

Steel Wheels
Steel Wheels
Piper Foundation
The Source
Oil Rex
Bluewater Bridge



DAS Print Company Member Portraits