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Bill Stolpin’s Fantasy Art prints

This page contains thumbnails of screenprints, etchings, aquatints woodcuts and lithographs that Bill considers to be his Fantasy Art. Here you will find his DRAGONS, his CASTLES, his GARGOYLES and GREENMEN, his TAROT CARDS, his MEGALITHS (like Stonehenge), his CELTIC DESIGNS, and OTHER FANTASY IMAGES.  Bill has had an interest in dragons for years (probably goes back to his love for dinosaurs).  Not only does he have a number of silkscreen prints and etchings with castles and dragons, he has drawn over 50 dragon portraits, copies of which are also available.  Bills travels throughout Europe, Ireland and the UK have taken him to a number of the castles and abbeys that creep into his prints in some fashion or other. Some of his work is based on literary sources “Grendel” (from Beowulf) or “Baba Yaga” from a Russian folk tale or “Beware the…” (from Lewis Carrols The Jabberwocky). Some of his work is based on mythical figures like greenmen and gargoyles. He has started a series of prints based on the Tarot cards in the Major Arcana. His fascination with Celtic Knotwork stems from his interest in the Books of Kells and Durrow, as well as the Lindesfarne Gospels.  and his travels to a number of megalithic sites of standing stones and burial sites have inspired a number of his Dolmen and Stonehenge prints.

Besides being a member of the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists, Bill has had a shop at the Michigan Renaissance Festival (shop #146) for over 20 years. In that time he has established a large number of collectors of his fantasy prints.

Clicking on the any of the print thumbnails will start the lightbox slide show giving you a more detailed look at each print. For purchase information and print specifics click on the print title... enjoy the show.


Dragon Wall
Dragon Sword
Baba Yaga
Green Griffins
Blue Unicorn
Nordic Fog
The Encampment
Toltec Totem
Bargain of the Centuries
Nordic Fog
Toltec Totem
King de Lis Renaissance Relatives Outrider Dark Rider
King de Lis
Renaissance Relatives
Dark Rider
The Eye

Gargoyles and Greenmen

Cathedral of Gargoyles 1 Cathedral of Gargoyles 2 Cathedral of Gargoyles 3 Cathedral of Gargoyles 4
Greenman 1
Greenman 2
The Window
Grey Guardian
Beware The...


Major Arcana Tarot - The Tower Tarot - Death
The Chariot
The Sun
The Magician
Tarot - The Empress
Tarot - The Emperor
The Moon
Tarot - The Fool
The Hermit
The Star
The Hierophant
The Hanged Man
The Devil
The Lovers
The High Priestess
The World


Dolmen Dolmen 2 Dolment III Ancient Mount Killaraus
Trethevy Quoit
Judge Not
Partial Cromlech

Celtic Designs

Celtic? Initium St. John of Durrow Stafford Knot Cross
Celtic Knotwork
Inner Vision


Sentry Beeston Castle Kept in the Keep Scottish Castle
Threave and Friend Bodiam Castle Swimming Serpent Trausnitz Castle
The Visitor
Cerephilly Castle
Blue Tattershall
The Entrance
Tintagel Castle
Tattershall Window
Furness Abbey


Searcher New Dragon
Abbey Serpent Print
Knotty Dragon
On Guard
The Challenge
St. George A Dragon's Tale
On Wing
Red Dragon