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Bill Stolpin’s Architectural prints

This page contains thumbnails of those screenprints and lithographs that Bill considers to be his Architectural Art. These buildings are historic or contemporary in Flint Michigan. Born and raised in Flint, Bill has fond memories of the city of his youth.  A number of his building prints try to capture these memories. For instance Bill used to wait for the bus in front of the old Kresge store at the corner of Saginaw Street And Kearsley Street. That memory prompted his print “Hub of the City.

In 1984, the four printmakers known as DAS PRINT Co. (Bill, Stefan Davidek, Carole Brender and the late James Anthony) put together a portfolio of four Flint buildings. The edition of four-print portfolios was quickly sold out. DAS PRINT Co. subsequently published several additional four-print portfolios, some of which are still available.  Bill has published a number of individual prints of Flint buildings since the DAS portfolios. These prints include his CHURCHES series (from downtown Flint) and his FLOOD series based on the 1947 flood that cut the city of Flint in half. 

Clicking on the any of the print thumbnails will start the lightbox slide show giving you a more detailed look at each print. For purchase information and print specifics click on the print title... enjoy the show.

Metropolitan Building
Station #7
Flint CentralFire Station
The Torch
Auto City Speedway
Plaza One
Berridge Hotel
The Original

Flint's Autocity Speedway

Plaza One - Flint
Hub of the City Flint YWCA - 1945 Memories from the Tarmac   Atwood Stadium
Hub of the City
Flint YWCA - 1945
Memories from the Tarmac
Flint's Atwood Stadium
Brownson and Fisher Carriage Town Citizens Bank Early 60's Flint
Masonic Temple
Vernors Wall St. Joseph
Maas and More
Flint's IMA Auditorium Italia Gardens Smith Bridgmans Warwick Hills
Rettkes Steven's Moving and Storage
Chevrolet and Van Slyke
Mott Foundation and More
Brass Rail


Flint Churches

St. Pauls Court Street Methodist First Presbyterian St. Mathews

Flood Series

'47 Flood Marvel Carburetor Riverside Drive and Broadway Riverside Drive and Broadway

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