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Abstract Art

This page contains thumbnails of screenprints and linocuts that Bill considers to be his Abstract Art. Although most of Bill’s prints are representational, he likes the freedom to capture concepts and impressions rather than depicting reality. “Industrialization”, for example, places the flags of industrialized countries against a background of the remnants of a sheet metal punch press operation.  “Pendennis Steps”, on the other hand, captures the abstract patterns generated within the spiral staircase within Pendennis Castle in Cornwall England.

A number Bill’s abstract prints are from his Displacement Series. Displacement prints are made by using a single stencil, and repeatedly printing the stencil on the edition paper. The paper location or the color (or both) are changed slightly between printings. The results are often rich and elegant to look at.

Clicking on the any of the print thumbnails will start the lightbox slide show giving you a more detailed look at each print. For purchase information and print specifics click on the print title... enjoy the show.
Shockwaves The Realm Wyeth's World
Paint Drips
Wash Pendennis Steps

Displacement Series

Dispalcement - Eyes
Dispalcement - Quantum
Dispalcement - Feathers
Dispalcement - Fall Leaf Print

Displacment - Eyes

Displacement - Quantum

Displacement - Feathers

Displacemet - Fall Leaf Print

Dispalcement - Rococo
Dispalcement - Renaissance
Displacement - Black Hole

Displacement - Medallion

Displacement - Rococo

Displacement - Renaissance

Displacement - Black Hole

Dispalcement - Circles

Dispalcement - Kinematic

Dispalcement - Cityscape

Dispalcement - Byzantine

Displacement - Circles

Displacement - Kinematic Displacement - Cityscape

Automotive Series

Automotive Full Automotive Blue Automotive Yellow Automotive Red

Spiral Series

Automotive Full Automotive Blue Automotive Yellow Automotive Red
Automotive Full Automotive Blue Automotive Yellow Automotive Red