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Additional Products

This page reflects a request by my collectors to provide a variety of other products. I have tried a number of different items like T-shirts, and mugs, and decided that I didn’t want to pursue them. I did find, however that ceramic tiles seem to strike the right note with my collectors. I have also added Here There Be Dragons Book, Tarot Deck , U.K. Suite Calendar, cards, and bookplates to my offerings.


Display Tile

Here are a couple of notes about my ceramic tiles.

1.  ANY of my images can be put on square, ceramic tiles. The image is applied by dye sublimation. This means the image is part of the tile. It is not painted on! It is waterproof, and will not wash or scrape off! The tiles shown here are all from my DRAGON PORTRAITS, and easily fit the Square format. Nearly all of my images will fit comfortably on the square tile format with only minor bits being lost at the edges.
2. Each tile measures 4" x 4"
3. Single tiles sell for $18 each.

Below are the currently available dragon designs. If there's a design not listed below that you would be interested in seeing on a tile, feel free to contact us by e-mail: bill@stolpinart.com

Dragon Book "Here There Be Dragons"

The 52-page literary masterpiece (my words) comes complete with all twenty posters (1992 through 2011) along with a brief description and some of the preliminary sketches I made for each poster. I have included a two page spoiler showing the location of the hidden gargoyle and the words "THE DREAM LIVES ON", also hidden within each poster. To finish things off, I have included four pages of poster ideas which, although neat ideas in their own world, haven't made it to poster status.yet.

Dragon Book (Here There Be Dragons)

Tarot Deck

After many years of being pestered by my family to finish up the complete deck - 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana - I finally completed it! I'm offering here for $30 a deck!

Fanned Tarot Deck



Card Display

I have assembled 11 different, 5-dragon sets of 5¼” x 4¼”cards. They are printed on only one side, and are ideal as postcards, or for framing to fit that small wall space between two doors. Framed as a group, they cluster nicely. The set includes a single sheet with thumbnail pictures of the dragons included in the set. See my dragon portrait page to see each dragon in detail. The set of 5 cards is available for $10.

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4
Set #5
Set #6
Set #7
Set #8
Set #9
Set #10
Set #11



I have made two wood engravings into bookplates. These images have space for you to add your name, peel off the sticky back paper, and stick the bookplate into your favorite book so it doesn’t walk away. You can buy 10 of these sticky-back bookplates for $3.

Bookplate 1
Bookplate 2