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Bill Stolpin's Page of Mutual Links

Fine Art Galleries and Associations

Art of different styles and media. Website offers a wide variety of features and services that enable customers and artists to buy and sell art online.

British Experts

Paul Hulme

Homemade Holidays
Paul Hulme


Fellow Fantasy Artists

Carl Lundgren
Susan Van Camp

Fine Artists

J. A. Onder
Figurative Sculptor
H Scott Hartley
H. Scott Hartley
Michael Bond  
Dave Bruner
Michael Bond
Dave Bruner
Wood Engravings
Pauline Hulme

Interesting Links

Midnight Syndicate
I was one of their Featured Artists!
Boomtown Press
    Wandering Educators
This is a neat interview I did with a young lady that saw my work at the Michigan Renaissance Festival
Flint ExPats
This is an interview I did with Gordon Young, the lifeblood of Flint Expatriates.
Buick Town


Feel free to e-mail Bill at: bill@stolpinart.com